Projects and Use Cases

Cebu Open RAN Community Network

The primary purpose of this project is to bridge the digital divide in Cebu by deploying an Open RAN (Radio Access Network) community network.
This initiative will establish a sustainable, high-quality LTE communication infrastructure in areas currently underserved by MNO’s.

By leveraging Open RAN’s modular and flexible technology, we aim to provide residents and businesses with cost-effective, reliable, and easily adaptable wireless communication solutions.

This project involves selecting suitable sites, installing Open RAN infrastructure, and initiating LTE services.
It encompasses procuring necessary hardware and software, hiring skilled technicians for installation, and coordinating with local authorities regarding permissions and regulations.

The project confines itself strictly to those areas within Cebu that lack adequate coverage from existing operators.

The Philippines aims to provide the highest level of healthcare through digital means, as mandated by the DOH 8-point action agenda and the Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC) Law.

However, inadequate internet connectivity hinders achieving this in remote areas like Danao, Bohol.

Connectivity Challenge: Danao, particularly the Community Sub-Project in Barangay Sta. Fe faces significant connectivity issues that impact the delivery of essential healthcare services. Despite being a crucial area with a healthcare facility, it suffers from low signal strength, affecting telemedicine and digital health services.

Open RAN Solution: To address this, we propose a proof-of-concept: “ORAN for UHC,” utilizing Open RAN technology to improve connectivity for telemedicine in Barangay Sta. Fe. This initiative involves collaboration with Danao Local Government Unit, Asia Open RAN Academy, DOH Region 7, Philippine General Hospital, and MNO.

Impact: Implementing Open RAN in Danao promises enhanced digital health services, aligning with national health objectives and paving the way for scalable solutions across other remote areas in the Philippines.