AORA, DICT Region 7 and Doctors to the Barrios conduct comprehensive signal testing and technical assessment in six GIDAs in Danao, Bohol

Danao, Bohol – Asia Open RAN Academy and DICT Region VII Engr. Sol Marjorie Gabucan and @Doctors to the Barrios Dr. Reina Juno Sumatra conducted comprehensive signal testing and a technical assessment in six geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDAs): Sta Fe, Sto. Nino, San Carlos, Cantubod, Remedios, and Taming.

This involved evaluating the current network coverage and identifying critical areas where connectivity improvements are needed.

The assessments revealed significant connectivity gaps impacting the efficiency of telemedicine and other digital services.

In addition to the signal testing, the AORA team made a courtesy call with the Mayor of Danao, Hon. Jose G. Cepedoza, to discuss the project’s objectives and gather support from the local government.

Additionally, they met with Danao Technological College president Arnel B. Quino, PhD to explore potential partnerships to foster local expertise and ensure the sustainable implementation of Open RAN technology.

These meetings are crucial for building collaborative efforts that will help address the identified connectivity challenges and improve the region’s overall network infrastructure.

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